Earthmother’s blessings upon you

Howling loudly since the opening of the Dark Portal, The Spirit Wolves strive to provide quality Tauren roleplay and a friendly, tight-knit community of like minded players.

We are based in Bloodhoof Village of the Mulgore Plains, travelling throughout Kalimdor when the need calls!

IC at all times

The Spirit Wolves will never OOC in /say or /yell and maintain a high level of immersion during roleplay sessions, while still keeping a friendly and laid back OOC atmosphere. Guild chat is out of character and we also have voice communication software for non-RP activities.


We love to do things together and will always give guild groups priority over randoms.


Involving and interesting storylines.

100% Tauren

We’re proud to be Tauren only and only Tauren! For non-Tauren alts or Tauren that simply don’t fit into the Spirit Wolf concept, we have a sister guild where members are able to store their alts.

Varying Personalities

We strive for an immersive tribal community with an array of personalities. Our Tauren range from the traditional and cautious to the young, modern and reckless. Some Tauren have spent a lot of time around the other races of the horde and therefore we believe that Tauren RP now offers a diverse and interesting scope to explore. Here at Spirit Wolves, we balance all personalities and strive to keep ourselves involved with the Horde while keeping a strong grip on our traditional roots, customs and beliefs.

Make a tauren character and become part of our Tauren community today.

The Spirit Wolves are tauren only roleplaying guild on Argent Dawn EU-RP.
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