The Spirit Wolves are a tauren only roleplaying guild, formed on the 25th of May, 2008 on the European Argent Dawn realm. Since then, we have tried to create an immersive, tribal Tauren experience, encourage RP initiatives and muster a friendly community of players. We love to cooperate with other players and guilds and have several IC and OOC alliances with other tribes and mixed race clans.

In character, we represent a small Tauren Tribe consisting of Tauren from all walks of life. Though we mostly reside on the plains of Mulgore and within Bloodhoof Village, our hooves are known to wander and we regularly visit other areas of Kalimdor and beyond.

Our Tribe consists of both young and old, modern and traditional and harbours many different IC opinions and personalities. Personality is of the utmost importance to us, and we pride ourselves in providing an array of colourful and interesting personalities for others to interact with.

Whether you meet the old, wise traditional Tauren, the battle-hardened grouch, or the modern thinking younglings so often frowned upon by the older members, you will be guaranteed to have a fresh experience with each new Rp session.

Our mission has always been:

  • Provide a fun and friendly community of players
  • Create progressive, involving storylines for all members
  • Host fun Tauren themed events
  • Encourage members to get involved with plotlines and even create their own with our supportive Officer team.

    What are we really about?

    We are a roleplaying group dedicated to providing quality RP not only for our members but also for the wider roleplaying community. We host regular RP events and our members can be seen RPing in Bloodhoof Village most evenings.

    While we strive to create a lax and enjoyable atmosphere, we do follow lore and logic to the best of our abilities and expect our members to do the same. It is important to us to maintain a standard that we are all comfortable with, and while some characters are eccentric or unorthodox, all of our members stories and Rp follow the Lore set down by the Warcraft Universe.

    Our event days take place on Mondays, from 20.00 (game time) onwards. We also host IC meetings on Thursdays at 20:00 onwards. Additional events are often placed on the calender and so members are requested to check the calender and forums regularly. Though we do not participate in RP-PVP events, we support all events on the server and usually attend to show our support for our community.

    Our events differ and try to appeal to the different personalities we have in the tribe. We have traditional tribal events that involve storytelling around the campfire, feasts and hunting, but also have the more action packed events and immersive storylines that run over a period of several weeks or months. Our more action orientated events are fast paced and require experience with roleplaying and emoting to appreciate fully. We also have more casual events to relax mid-storylines that are designed just to simply enjoy each others company and get to know newer members which strangely seem to always involve water games…

    Sometimes, we do instances or battlegrounds, though it’s definitely not a priority of the guild. In general, we want to explore the game and have a lot of fun while at it in, naturally in a Tauren fashion. There are regular groups forms to farm rp gear and we strive to help each other out as much as possible.

    If you are interested in the guild’s story or want to learn more about us generally, we encourage you to read through our website and forums, or our profile at http://www.argentarchives.org/node/9637.

    If you want to join and already had a read through our website, we encourage you to register on our forums and write an application. Alternatively, you can seek us on our weekly meetings every Thursday. We apologise in advance, but those approaching us during events and storylines is not ideal as we are often busy and will not be able to answer your questions or perform interviews at this time. For more information on joining us, refer to this page.

The Spirit Wolves are tauren only roleplaying guild on Argent Dawn EU-RP.
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