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How to join the Spirit Wolves?

Since the day the guild was created, the Spirit Wolves have been on the outlook for creative, cooperative and friendly roleplayers that would want to join their tauren community. We give everyone that meets these expectations a chance.

A friendly attitude, creativity and the willingness to cooperate with others are all expected values we look for in a member. While we do fight the Alliance, warfare is not the guild’s primary activity and therefore we seek mostly peaceful characters, though with good reasoning, more hostile types are also considered. Remember that we are not a military guild. Since it’s our intention to create a tribal experience, lots of shiny, oversized armour is frowned upon.

We are pretty casual what regards activity, but joining us and then disappearing without warning will get you removed sooner or later. We like to be told what’s going on with you, since you’re a part of our community.

If you are looking to enrich your gaming experience, we invite you to seek any of our members in game to get answers to questions or seek further instructions on how to join. In case you are unable to reach any of us in game, we encourage you to write an application on our forum after you register. Please use your in-game name as your forum account name.

If you want to reach an officer directly, here is a list of those (and their alts) that are currently active:

  • Shaylay
  • Istu
  • Seryddol
  • Eaira
  • Chorwador
  • Kharago

Before you do any of the above, we however encourage you to read the following pages:

The Spirit Wolves are tauren only roleplaying guild on Argent Dawn EU-RP.
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